The Prepared Environment:


In practice, the Montessori environment offers a variety of sequenced, manipulative educational materials. This environment is reality-oriented; yet this reality is "child-sized," where materials are developed and displayed on low open shelves so that they are readily available to the children. These materials are designed to encourage thought, exploration, experimentation, and creativity.


The environment is harmonious in color and design, and expresses an open airy feeling of spontaneous activity of children at work and play. Children choose what and with whom they will work, and they are responsible for returning material to the shelves for the next person to use. The teacher circulates among the children, individually helping those who need assistance, and providing the needed link for those who are ready to move into a more advanced or new concept.


Our curriculum includes the Montessori areas of:


Practical life: focuses on daily living activities that help develop a sense of accomplishment and self-   esteem.


· Sensorial materials: encourage children to use their five senses to develop classification and               discrimination skills.


· Science & Geography: create opportunities to explore and develop concrete foundations for               understanding the world.


· Mathematics: provides a hands-on approach to number concepts, quantity and operations.


· Language: is designed to give children a firm grounding in perceptual-motor, pre-reading, and pre-     writing readiness skills. Your child will progress through various stages to the ultimate goal of             establishing the skills necessary for success in reading and writing.


· Art & Music: develop the child’s creativity and sense of beauty through expressive use of materials     and activities


· Technology: It is our belief that the computer should be treated as an integral tool for learning, and   children are encouraged to learn computer techniques by using the computers regularly.


· Foreign language: The children are introduced to the experience of learning, a second language         while developing their vocabulary through hands on activities, games and songs


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